Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology serve’s with all kinds of Traumatic patients including spine surgery, we also serve with pediatric trauma & Pediatric cold orthopedics. MMTH also serve orthopedics services for Geriatric OPD.

Spine Surgery is been Successful with 100% Result till date.

Our Doctors’ List

S.N Name Designation Degree
1 Prof.Dr. Buland Thapa HOD M.D – Orthopedics
2 Dr. Nirajan Subedi Registrar M.S – Orthopedics
3 Dr. Pemba Lama Registrar M.S – Orthopedics
4 Dr. Daman Kumar Jha Registrar M.S – Orthopedics
5 Dr. Pushkar Pudasaini Registrar M.S – Orthopedics

Spine Surgery

1 Dr. Gaurav Dhakal Lecturer M.S- Orthopedics