1. To produce quality health man power.
  2. To provide 24 hours general, specialty and emergency curative services at affordable cost.
  3. To prepare health professionals competent to take a lead in planning, organizing, delivering and evaluating health policy & health services within the country and abroad.
  4. To support the national health policy and other health related commitments of the Government.
  5. To conduct clinical, participatory and community based research related to pharmacy, nursing, public health, medicine and other clinical disciplines.
  6. To establish and promote community health clinics/hospitals in the different parts of the country.
  7. To ensure understanding, co-ordination and mutual co-operation with national and international institutions in relation to academic knowledge, skill and training.
  8. To launch package Health services and Health Insurance Schemes for individuals, professionals, communities, schools & colleges, organizations and target groups.
  9. To launch health related community programs and projects e.g. child and maternal health programs, HIV AIDS Prevention programs and free health camps etc.